Sealcoating is the most cost-effective solution that prevents further deterioration and enhances the beauty of your asphalt. Sealing will allow the pavement to have a much longer life than that of an unsealed pavement. Even on a weak pavement, sealcoating will preserve the elastic and adhesive characteristics of the asphaltic binder and seal out the water and oxidizing effects of the sun, salts and petroleum spillage. This coating preserves the pavement surface, and the asphaltic and aggregate layers will remain dry and in place. The process of deterioration begins as soon as the asphalt is put down. In normal conditions after 3-5 years major deterioration is taking place.


You may not have to replace your existing pavement. Seal coating worn and weathered asphalt surfaces is a cost-effective alternative to replacement. Seal coating helps to extend the service life of your asphalt and help to keep cracks from forming or spreading. If your pavement surface is starting to show signs of wear or age, contact Holmes Paving and let us make it look and perform like new.

Holmes Paving is your expert asphalt seal coater in Northeast WI. Sealing your asphalt is very important and will increase the longevity and the appearance of your asphalt. This special process applies a coating that acts as a barrier from materials that may react with the surface of the asphalt. After the pavement is thoroughly cleaned, we start the seal coating process.

We apply the seal coat using two separate techniques. One being a brush or squeegee the other being a spray wand. After the pavement is thoroughly cleaned, we start the seal coating process. Our process involves applying an emulsion based seal coat material mixed with sand. Where appropriate, to prevent staining of those surfaces, small brushes are used to cut-in adjacent to curbs, aprons, sidewalks, etc. You may notice a darker shade resulting from additional material in those areas, but in time, these areas will blend in with the rest of your driveway. This important step of the asphalt paving process will ensure your asphalt will last for much longer by withstanding the elements.